Abaoe 1999, eus Eusa, ar gevredigezh Sevenadur, arzoù ha lizhiri an inizi a gas war-raok ur raktres sevenadurel dibar zo diazezet war brudañ sevenadur an inizi, ha dreist-holl al lennegezh. En em harpañ a ra war ur gumuniezh tud a-youl-vat, genidik eus an enez pe get, evit aesaat al liammoù etre an dud ha karantez al levrioù. Seveniñ a ra hec’h obererezhioù en ur zoujañ da garta an Unesco, a zoug bri d’al liesseurted sevenadurel, hag en ur zoujañ d’an doare bevañ zo war an inizi kenkoulz ha da gaerded enez Eusa. Digor eo d’an holl ha kas a ra war-raok ar yezhoù rannvroel a vez graet ganto en inizi a-leizh zo er bed dre harpañ al levrioù divyezhek.

BP 10-29242 EUSA Breizh

Mont war al lec'hienn Genrouedad:





What is the island of Ouessant all about ?

Ouessant (Enez Eusa in breton), is an island of 32 square kilometers, located away from the North of Britanny. With one thousand inhabitants in winter, and 5 ligthhouses, this island is peopled with seagoing sailors, who know all the seas and oceans of the world.
Nowadays tourism is the key element in the main economic activity and in summer, more than three thousand visitors a day come to Ouessant, either by boat (10 crossings a day, less than an hour from Le Conquet) or by plane ( a 15 minute flight from Brest-Guipavas).

What is this book fair all about ?

                           Since 1999, this fair have had several goals

To make, as many people as possible, discover an island literature and its writers. First of all, it all deals with islands, that ar not isolated, but where boats go everay day. There is a double-sided definition as far as Island literature is concerned:
Books written by writers who were born in an island, or who are still living in an island. This double demand allows to have 2 different viewpoints on what deep and eloquent island literature is all about.
To show books and new books, that can't easily be found in usual libraries.
Editors come to Ouessant from anywhere in the world and from any ocean or sea : the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, the Meditarenean sea. And by doing so, giving the readers the opportunity to find in on single place, a huge variety of reference or up-to-date books.

           Setting up, once a year, a literay Prize, focusing on the Island

                                                           literary news
The Prize is needed to promote the island literary news. It is too, a showcase of literary demands, let and respected by this managers, so as to allow its cultural project. The Prize is an landmark, a reference for anybody, interested in islands, in general, an is island literary in particular.

The book fair : a meeting place of discovery
The book fair is composed of a main space, for editors, literary shows and performances, shows for children and conferences rooms, and video rooms. We welcome about fifty editors and about one hundred writers. Differents locations : about 2000 square meters of exhibition, several rooms located in the center of island.

Different themes are dealt with : geography and litterature
Each year, a specific geography or location is chosen and selected : in 2004 : Haïti. In 2003 the Marquesas. In 2002 : New Caledonia. In 2001. The Indian Ocean. In 2005 : Ireland. …
Each year, the book fair chooses a litterary theme : Island utopias, The islands as a jail, the island within the island, Robinson Crusoe…

                                                The different literary genres

A wide range of genres are dealt with and focused on, when writers give conferences: poetry, fiction, essays, drama, science literature, art books, valuable books, whatever…

The island as a whole is required during the book fair, through different activities such as : children working in small groups, the contest of the dictation for all, the island library througth the Internet, and different contests (including the writing of short-story), concerts (song, music) in the different pubs of Ouessant.

                                                    A voluntary organization

The professional and efficient organization of this book fair is provided by people who are volunteers, and who belong to the Association Islands culture, Art and Writing. About 150 volunteers, deal with all the missions of the book fair. (receptions, accomodations, transports, literary activities).
For 14 years, the crew has mobilised any ressources on the island to welcome the book fair : accomodations, 500 meals a day for the exhibitors, 20 containers of books, conveyed by boats, thousands of book shown at the book fair, dozens conferences, and about 12 000 visitors.